Summit Pumps

Summit Close Coupled (CC) Pumps

The Summit CC pump is a great selection for replacing your old Peerless C pumps. They offer a similar performance, great quality, and all for a better price. With the changes in efficiency certification at the Department of Energy Peerless has phased out their C pump line whereas Summit is here to fill the hole. This pumps are a drop in replacement that replicates the performance of a Peerless. We also supply parts for maintenance giving you the confidence that you will have a pump that you can run well into the future. Contact us today with your existing Peerless C pump or let us know what specifications you need for a new pump.

Summit Frame Mounted (FM) Pumps

Just like the C pumps the F pumps have also been phased out with the best selection being our Summit FM line. As of now, Summit only offer an F1 and F2 replacements. Nonetheless, just like the C pumps these FM pumps will drop right in where the F pumps have vacated with no changes needed to fit. Summit supplies bases, coupling guards, and couplings for their pumps so you can have a complete system supplied all from one source. Repair parts are available for all sizes of pumps but some sizes of pumps may not be available due to Department of Energy regulations (DOE). DOE efficiency certifications are required for pumps to be sold so please be aware some pumps may need a different selection such as our PACO line. Contact us to see what your options are for both new and existing systems.