Cyber Security for our Pump Systems

One aspect of working with pumps that gets overlooked is all the technology packed into the controllers that control them. In today’s world, so much is linked through the internet which can lead to an issue if an unauthorized person gained access to the controller information. This article on pump and systems explores this realm […]

Pump Efficiency Calculations

Another dive into how the efficiency is calculated which is something the Department of Energy looks at for giving approval for pumps. We have seen this as an issue with our Peerless C and F pumps along with our substitute brand Summit. We also have videos that break this down along with this article from […]

Water hammer and why it happens

When I shut off the faucets quickly in my home, the pipes rattle. What is that? This event is called a water hammer. When you shut off the faucets in your home or when your washing machine suddenly shuts off, the fill valve can cause a surge in the system that can make pipes rattle […]