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Series TU/TUT Horizontal Split Case Multi-stage Pumps

A cast iron, bronze-fitted, multi stage, horizontal split case design.
Type TU pumps are 2 stage design, while TUT pumps are 3, 4, and
5 stage. Engineered and manufactured, there are 35 pump sizes
ranging from one and one half-inch to ten-inch discharge.

The TU and TUT Series pump handles water and other non abrasive
fluids. Applica tions vary from small, single pump commercial
installations to large, multipump municipal water supply systems.
The Peerless Pump TU and TUT Series give superior performance
in Agriculture, General Industry, Building Trade, and Municipal

Series AE Horizontal Split Case Single Stage

Using the latest technology, Peerless Pump engineered
the AE Series pump to accommodate a variety of
applications. The single stage, double suction, horizontal
split case pump comes in forty-two different hydraulic
configurations and twenty-five pump sizes. Discharge
sizes range from two to ten inches. The AE has a wide
selection of hydraulic performance envelopes, multiple
mechanical configurations and several material options.

Series PVF Pump

The Peerless Pump PVF Series 2000, 3000 and 4000 Underwriter’s Laboratories (U.L.) listed fire pumps are pre-wired packages that include a limited or full service controller. Every package is mounted on a steel fabricated base with the motor wired to the controller. The automatic air relief valve, casing relief valve, suction gauge and discharge gauge are
mounted on their respective spool pieces. Additional piping, valves and sensing lines are available with the 3000 and 4000 models. The 4000 model includes a jockey pump and jockey controller.

Series C/F Pumps

These pumps have been discontinued but parts are still available to purchase

Peerless Pump Series C close coupled single suction
pumps are designed for applications in medium duty
service and provide maximum pump value in heating, air
conditioning, booster and general circulating service.

Peerless Submersible Turbine Pumps


Peerless Pump Submersible Vertical Pump will handle
a wide range of hydraulic and mechanical coverage, combined to equal or
surpass the highest efficiency peak performance and lowest pumping costs in the industry. Consisting of four basic elements; (1) pump bowl assembly, (2) column pipe, (3) discharge elbow at grade level and (4) submersible electric motor. Peerless Pump offers a wide range of sizes of submersible pumps.

Submersible vertical pumps are commonly used where: low noise levels
are required; above ground equipment needs to be hidden from view; flood
levels could damage typical above ground electric motors; environmental
requirements limit all acceptable methods of line shaft lubrication; installation time and cost is limited. Varieties of material combinations are available to accommodate nearly any intended service. Peerless’ wealth of application experience assures you of excellent engineering consultation during the design phase.

Series 8196 (ANSI) Process Pump

The 8196 ANSI-standard pump will handle corrosive, toxic and abrasive process liquids such as acids, bases and solvents. This pump can be found in Chemical, Petro-chemical, Pulp & Paper, Plastic, Refining and Pharmaceutical plants. A wide range of alloys, options and sealing systems makes it an ideal choice for almost any application.

Series 8175 Slurry Pump

The Peerless Pump 8175 Series process pump is manufactured for a wide range of flow and head requirements. The 8175 Series pumps is engineered to lower your operating costs over time. Designed for endurance, it is
possible to replace only the back-pullout assembly without having to remove the coupling and motor. Casings are extra thick, and shafts and bearings are heavy-duty, making the 8175 the ideal pump for the toughest of services. The 8175 Series pump is interchangeable with competitors’ pumps, making it possible to retrofit existing installations with quality
Peerless Pump products. All 8175 Series power ends are backed with Peerless Pump’s three-year warranty.

The 8175 Series pumps fit a wide range of applications. They will handle solids, paper stock and slurry, entrained air, and abrasive liquids. These pumps are extensively used in the pulp and paper, chemical, wastewater,
pharmaceutical, plastics, steel, and refining industries. Many alloys, options, and sealing systems make it an ideal choice for almost any application.